Voluntary Cleanup Unit

The Voluntary Cleanup Unit provides oversight and approval of investigations and remedial actions through the Voluntary Cleanup and Property Redevelopment Program (VCPRP).

Voluntary Cleanup & Property Redevelopment Program

Under the VCPRP, developers and buyers who perform successful cleanups of contaminated properties that are within established criteria will be granted a "No Further Action" determination by the department, satisfying the regulated community's need for protection from potential future liabilities. Adjacent property owners who did not contribute to the contamination could also receive protection from the department through such determinations.

A streamlined process is utilized to address these sites in an expeditious manner to encourage the redevelopment or enhancement of such properties and to discourage the use of pristine land in the State instead of established commercial and industrial tracts. This program is voluntary and is designed to allow industry and businesses to bring forth sites that need attention so their properties are appropriately addressed in a timely manner through a local/state partnership.

In January 2022, KDHE began accepting VCPRP applications online, through the Kansas Environmental Information Management System (KEIMS).  While online submittal of applications is KDHE’s preferred method, paper copies will still be accepted.  Please contact the Voluntary Cleanup Unit Manager at 785-296-8064 to request a paper copy of the VCPRP Application.  Quick-Reference Guides for online submittal of the application and other documents are available online to assist new users. 

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Voluntary Cleanup and Property Redevelopment Program Process