M1 Monitoring Schedules

This schedule lists routine monitoring requirements for your public water supply system and is for informational purposes only. Changes that occur at your water system during the year may require additional monitoring not reflected on the enclosed schedule.

An electronic copy of the Monitoring Schedule information which KDHE has provided for each individual public water supply system can be found below.

If your system uses the Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratory (KHEL) for sample analysis, your collection containers will be shipped accompanied by forms specifying the purpose and the identification tag number of the collection site for each container. If you do not receive bottles from the Laboratory as listed, it is your responsibility to notify KDHE. If you use a commercial laboratory, you will need to contact a Kansas certified laboratory and request sample containers. Questions about your system's monitoring requirements should be directed to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Public Water Supply Section at: 785-296-5514.