Long-term Stewardship & Brownfields Unit

The Long-Term Stewardship and Brownfields Unit provides oversight of Environmental Use Controls through the Environmental Use Control (EUC) Program, implements the Risk Management and Kansas Brownfields Programs, and supports remedial work through researching site background information. This unit is also responsible for reviewing and processing Certificate of Liability Release (CELR) applications.

All programs under Long-Term Stewardship & Brownfields are currently accepting applications through the Kansas Environmental Information Management System.

  1. Brownfields Program
  2. Environmental Liability
  3. Environmental Use
  4. Risk Management

Kansas Brownfields Program

The Kansas Brownfields Program provides funding and technical assistance in assessing properties that may be or are perceived to be contaminated. The program works with local units of government, land clearance authorities, regional councils, redevelopment agencies, tribal organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and other quasi-governmental agencies across the state to identify and assess these properties in order to clear them for redevelopment. The Brownfields Program is funded through a federal Environmental Protection Agency grant.