Program Accomplishments

Environmental Use Control Program

The Environmental Use Control Program provides oversight of Environmental Use Controls in order to facilitate site closure and property redevelopment.

Kansas Brownfields Program

Cleaning up and redeveloping brownfields properties is necessary to preserve neighborhoods, reduce urban sprawl, and return unutilized properties or vacated buildings to productive uses in lieu of new development on valuable farmland. Investing in brownfields properties mitigates public health and safety concerns, addresses potential environmental risks and associated liabilities, and improves the overall communities' image in addition to producing jobs, increasing the tax base, or adding other benefits such as creating a park or residential housing.

Voluntary Cleanup and Property Redevelopment Program

The Voluntary Cleanup and Property Redevelopment Program (VCPRP) provides oversight and approval of investigations and remedial actions conducted by voluntary or responsible parties at contaminated properties. Under the VCPRP, developers and buyers who successfully clean up contaminated properties within established criteria will be granted a "No Further Action" determination by the department, satisfying the voluntary party's need for protection from potential future liabilities. Adjacent property owners who did not contribute to the contamination may also receive protection from the department through such determinations.

A streamlined process addresses these sites to encourage property redevelopment or enhancement and to discourage the use of pristine land in the State at the expense of established commercial and industrial tracts. This program is voluntary and is designed to allow industry and businesses to bring forth sites that need attention so their properties are appropriately addressed in a timely manner through a local/state partnership.