Compliance, Assistance & Enforcement

The Compliance, Assistance and Enforcement Unit administers the hazardous waste management program. The first effort to regulate hazardous waste on a national level occurred in 1976 with the passage of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) by Congress. The primary goal of RCRA was to encourage the conservation of natural resources through resource recovery. RCRA also provides the statutory basis for the federal hazardous waste regulations. A key provision of RCRA allows for states to operate the hazardous waste management program in lieu of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The regulations, which have evolved into the current Kansas regulatory program, were first issued in May 1980.

Compliance Assistance Visits

The Compliance Assistance Visits Program is an opportunity for your facility to get expert advice about your compliance with Kansas hazardous waste regulations at no cost to you. Register Online to Request a Compliance Visit, today.

For more information, read the new Compliance Assistance Visits Policy, BWM 2010-P1 (PDF).