In order for a municipality to be eligible for a Regional Public Water Supply Planning Grant, the engineering study must evaluate public water supply system consolidation, Public Wholesale Water Supply District formation, or other infrastructure projects that benefit a minimum of 3 public water supply systems - 2 of which are not currently connected to each other.

In order for the municipality to be eligible for a Small Public Water Supply System Planning Grant, the engineering study must evaluate options to return a public water supply system, serving no more than 1,000 in population, to compliance with drinking water regulations.

In order for the municipality to be eligible for a Corrosion Control Study Grant the population served by the system must be 10,000 or less and the system must have had an action level exceedance for lead or copper.

Kansas SRF Loan Applications

The Kanas SRF program has 2 different statutory loan programs - the Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund (for drinking water infrastructure) and the Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (for wastewater infrastructure). For the municipality to be eligible for a loan from either one of these programs, it must first be listed on the Project Priority List found in the corresponding program's Intended Use Plan. A pre-application form must be submitted to the KDHE Bureau of Water to receive consideration for inclusion on the Project Priority List.

All drinking water funding programs require the municipality to adopt and implement a Water Conservation Plan consistent with guidelines (PDF) developed by the Kansas Water Office. For more information on obtaining and implementing a water conservation plan, contact the Kansas Water Office at 785-296-3185.

The Kansas SRF program has sent out notices for solicitations for pre-applications to utilize funds from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also referred to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law or BIL, as well as regular program funds.  Pre-applications must be submitted to KDHE by June 15, 2022 to be considered for funding after July 1, 2022, which is the beginning of the 2023 Kansas SRF program year.  Review the notices

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