Laboratory Services

For compliance monitoring water quality samples, Kansas public water supply systems (PWS) are required to use the services of a Kansas certified laboratory that is certified to use an analysis method approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Kansas certified laboratories exist throughout the United States.

PWS have two avenues from which to seek laboratory services for compliance monitoring samples: the State laboratory or a Kansas certified commercial laboratory.

State Laboratory

The Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories (KHEL) is the State of Kansas owned and operated laboratory, and one of its functions is to analyze water samples for Kansas PWS. KHEL does not do analysis of water samples for private water wells or water samples from household taps that are not for PWS monitoring purposes. Arrangements for a PWS to use KHEL for their water samples can be made by contacting the KDHE Bureau of Water, Public Water Supply Section at 785-296-5514.

Another aspect of compliance monitoring is that PWS are required to submit sample reports to KDHE. When a PWS uses KHEL, the sample results reports are electronically submitted on behalf of the PWS for this requirement. More Information can be found on the KHEL website.

Commercial Laboratories

Commercial laboratories are Kansas certified by the Kansas Environmental Laboratory Improvement Office (ELIPO). ELIPO maintains an online database, accessible to the public, of Kansas certified laboratories and the analysis methods for which they are certified. Arrangements for a PWS to use a Kansas certified commercial laboratory for their water samples must be made by the PWS by contacting the Kansas certified laboratory of their choice. Public water supply systems are required to submit to KDHE the laboratory result reports for compliance monitoring samples. To search for Kansas certified commercial laboratories visit the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation website.