Wastewater Lagoon Requirements

The Secretary of KDHE adopted new regulations addressing requirements for municipal, commercial, and industrial wastewater lagoons in 2004. The regulations, K.A.R. 28-16-160 through K.A.R. 28-16-174, became effective May 20, 2005. The current requirements of K.A.R. 28-16-16 et seq. may be found in their approved format on the home page of the Industrials Program Section of KDHE's Bureau of Water, as well as on the State of Kansas Office of the Secretary of State home page, which also includes any related proposed regulations currently open for comment. 

Helpful Resources

Please email Don Carlson, Chief, Industrial Programs Section, or call at 785-296-5547 with questions pertaining to wastewater lagoon requirements for public water supply systems.