Call to Action

Data on conditions and contributing factors surrounding Kansas maternal deaths has prompted the following key recommendations by the Kansas Maternal Mortality Review Committee:

  • Screen, provide brief intervention and referrals for:
    • Comorbidities and chronic illness
    • Intimate partner violence
    • Pregnancy intention
    • Mental health conditions including postpartum anxiety and depression
    • Substance use disorder
  • Increase communication and collaboration between providers, including referrals

  • Patient education and empowerment
Pregnancy woman gets check-up from doctor

In response to Kansas Maternal Mortality Review Committee findings and recommendations, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is partnering with leading national organizations to bring evidence-based initiatives to our state to combat maternal mortality and its devastating effects. Your engagement in these initiatives is crucial to our efforts. Together, we can begin to move the needle on maternal mortality.

Use these resources to do your part in reducing maternal mortality in Kansas.