Project Submittals

KDHE requests that one set of 11 by 17-inch plans and project specifications be submitted for all projects. For most types of public water supply projects, a public water supply permit application will be required. Additional sets of plans, plan title sheets, project specifications, project manual covers and/or frontice sheets, for example, may be included in the submittal where the intent is to have them returned with the approval stamp of the Division of Environment. A public water supply permit application is not necessary for waterline only projects where the total length of waterline to be installed is less than one mile. However, 11 by 17-inch plans and project specifications are still required for such projects. 

Additional Required Information

Additional information pertaining to water quality information, geotechnical reports, ownership/easement, equipment specific designs, etc. may also be required depending on the proposed scope of work to be completed. Subject to certain limited exceptions, the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions (KSBTP) under K.S.A. 74-7001 requires the use of a licensed professional engineer for services or work constituting the practice of engineering. Accordingly, KDHE recommends water systems secure the services of a professional engineer licensed to practice in Kansas to assist in preparing documents, e.g., plans and specifications for example, for any anticipated project. 

Helpful Resources

Please email Dan Clair, Chief, Engineering and Permits Unit, or call at 785-296-5516 with questions pertaining to submittals.