Training & Technical Assistance

The Capacity Development Program provides training and technical assistance that addresses all aspects of water system operations. From the operator to the governing body, there are workshops designed to help water system personnel address the challenges of operating a public water supply system. In addition to the classroom workshops, individual technical assistance is available.

A.M. Kan Work

Asset management allows a utility to provide a sustained level of service at the lowest and most appropriate life cycle cost. Water and wastewater utility owners, operators, managers and board members will find that A.M. Kan Work provides useful tools for assessing the current status of their operations and for developing strategic plans for sustainable water and wastewater service. Water and wastewater operators receive 5 hours of continuing education credit for attendance at an A.M. Kan Work asset management workshop.

Financial Planning & Rate-Setting

Sound financial planning and rate-setting helps provide your water utility with adequate revenue required to maintain your system for current and future operations. The Financial Planning and Rate-setting Workshop provides participants with an understanding on major considerations when setting rates - rate structures, options and pricing objectives, financial planning considerations, and strategies for communicating rate information to your customers.

KanCap Board/Council Education

KanCap is a voluntary program designed for water system governing bodies. It includes video clips, interactive quizzes and activities that provide information decision makers need to know to stay in compliance with drinking water regulations and maintain water system technical, financial and managerial capabilities. The goal of KanCap is to provide water system governing bodies with the information needed to make decisions that help protect the public health.

Small Water System Operator Training

Properly operating and maintaining a water system is vital for the protection of public health. The Small Water System Operator Training workshops provide up-to-date information that operators need to know to comply with drinking water regulations. Topics include groundwater system operations, surface water system operations, distribution system operations and implementation of new drinking water rules. Operators can receive credit for attendance.

Individual PWS Technical Assistance

The Capacity Development Program provides technical assistance to individual water systems through contracts with technical assistance providers. Assistance is available to address water system operations and maintenance, rule compliance, asset management planning and implementation, emergency planning, rate-setting and capital improvement planning. To request assistance please contact the KDHE Capacity Development Program.

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