Rate-Setting & Financial Planning Assistance

The goal of every public water supply system should be to create conditions that will provide excellent service to the customers at the least cost for the longest period of time. This enables the water system to successfully adapt to changes in customer base, regulations, the economy, etc.

Financial management is one area where water systems can make improvements that will result in a more resilient and sustainable system. Systems with adequate financial capacity generate revenues to fully support both operational and capital project functions.

The cornerstone of financial security is an adequate water rate system. Calculating what the rates should be is not always easy. KDHE provides Kansas Rate Checkup for Kansas public water supply systems to use free of charge. In addition, KDHE provides help getting started by providing 1 year of rate-setting technical assistance.

Planning assistance is also available to help develop and fund a capital improvement plan. KDHE contracts with a registered municipal financial advisor to provide this assistance. Contact the Capacity Development Program to request this assistance.