Systems Improvement Team

The Child Care Licensing Systems Improvement Team serves in an advisory capacity to the KDHE Child Care Licensing Program. Convened at the request of the KDHE Secretary, the Team focuses on efforts that support families and provide protections to children in regulated child care settings by:

  • Assisting the Child Care Licensing Program in reviewing protocols to determine the effectiveness and to identify opportunities to increase efficiency in program operations;
  • Guiding the Child Care Licensing Program in its efforts to publicize the purpose of the regulatory program and to increase transparency in the inspection process; and
  • Assisting in the development of written materials that inform parents and the public and that support providers in their efforts to provide healthy, safe, and nurturing environments for young children.
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Initially formed in 2007 the Team issued two sets of recommendations for the purpose of advising the Department on improvements needed to redesign the child care licensing system and standards of care to meet the child care needs of Kansas children and families in the 21st century. The 2009 recommendations addressed child safety, consumer protection, quality of care, flexibility and availability of care, and regulatory consistency. A second set, released in 2010 addressed accountability and transparency in the inspection process, technical assistance provided during inspections, predictability, and transparency in the enforcement of statutes and regulations, efficiencies in the licensing program, and sustainability of licensing services at the state and local level.

The leadership, expertise, and guidance provided by past Teams has enabled the Department to focus resources on strategies that:

  • Achieve a balance between safety, best practices, and marketplace realities
  • Enable child care providers to provide quality care that is available; affordable and accessible
  • Provide a solid foundation for child safety and well-being
  • Support early learning