Unused Medications Program

State law allows unused medications from adult care homes, mail-service pharmacies, and medical care facilities to be donated to Federally Qualified Health Centers, indigent health care clinics, and community mental health centers.

Unused Medications Program 

The Kansas State Board of Pharmacy has developed the Unused Medications Program regulations (KAR 68-18-1 through 3).  To participate in the program, a donating or receiving entity must register with the Board of Pharmacy.  Relevant statutes, regulations, forms, and a list of approved donating and receiving entities are available on the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy website.

Unused Medications Repository

The Unused Medications Repository, administered by the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, provides donated medications free of charge to eligible clinics in Kansas. Learn more about the Unused Medications Program and the Repository (PDF).

  1. Receiving Facilities
  2. Donating Facilities
  3. Program History

Receiving Facility Registration Forms

Drug Repository Utilization Gateway Forms

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Reporting Form