Water Well Program

The Water Well Program at KDHE is administered by the Water Well Unit within the Geology and Well Technology Unit.

The purpose of the Water Well Program is to provide for the exploration and protection of groundwater through the licensing and regulation of water well contractors in Kansas and to protect the health and general welfare of the citizens of Kansas. The program oversees the proper construction, reconstruction, treatment and plugging of water wells and to provide data on potential water supplies in Kansas. This is done by requiring well logs for all water well construction, reconstruction and plugging of wells within the state.

To become a Kansas Licensed Water Well Contractor requires submitting to KDHE a completed application, successful completion of a written exam and submitting the required fees to KDHE. After becoming a Licensed Water Well Contractor, the contractor is required to renew their license annually by submitting to KDHE a renewal application on a form provided by KDHE, filing all well records (WWC-5 form) for each well constructed, reconstructed or plugged during the previous year of licensure, satisfying the continuing education requirements and submitting the required fees.

How to Obtain a Kansas Water Well Contractor License

2021 to 2022 Water Well Contractor License Exam Schedule

DateLocationHosted by
September 23, 2021Ft. Hays Memorial Union, Hays, KSKGWA Fall Seminar
January 19, 2022Kansas Star Casino, Mulvane, KSKGWA Annual Convention and Trade Show
April 28, 2022TBDKGWA Spring Seminar
June 8, 2022Curtis Office Building, Topeka, KSKDHE-BOW-GTWU
September 29, 2022TBDKGWA Fall Seminar
  1. On the Water Well Program website review the Kansas Water Well Contractor Licensure Examination Study Guide (PDF). Exams are offered according the schedule above. Please contact Pam Chaffee to register for an exam at least 30 days prior to the exam date.
  2. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be contacted by KDHE and asked to register in the Kansas Online Automated Reporting System (KOLAR). Instructions will be provided by KDHE, you will have 90 days to complete the application process.
  3. Once registered, KDHE will enter you into a group in KOLAR and you will be notified when you can complete the application.
  4. Upon notification, sign into KOLAR, click on the help tab and select the WWC-1 PRIMER. Follow the instructions to complete the application process.
  5. Upon submittal, you will receive notification from KOLAR that your application has either been approved or returned.
  6. Sign into KOLAR and, if approved - print your license(s) by clicking on the License tab and selecting Certificate of License, or if returned, amend your application and resubmit.
  7. After your license has been approved, you will be able to electronically complete and submit water well records (Form WWC-5/WWC-5P) and renew your contractor license during each renewal period.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email Pam Chaffee, or call office 785-296-3565 or cell 785-224-5259.

How to Renew a Kansas Water Well Contractor License

  • Water well contractors licensed in Kansas will receive each May an email reminder from KOLAR to renew their license between June 1 and July 1.
  • Sign into KOLAR.
  • Complete the license renewal application (WWC1R) and submit.
  • After submitting, you must certify the information entered and pay the appropriate fees. For assistance, click on the Help tab, and select WWC-1R Primer.
  • You will receive notification from KOLAR that your license renewal application has either been approved or returned.
  • Sign into KOLAR and, if approved - print your license(s) by clicking on the License tab and selecting Certificate of License, or if returned, amend your renewal application and resubmit.

If you have questions or need help, please email us or call 785-296-5524.

WWC-5/WWC-5P Forms

Note: If you do not have a computer, call 785-296-5524 or 785-296-3565 and ask that a blank copy be sent to you. You may reproduce the copy for your record submittals. You will need to make copies as follows: 

  • 1st copy will be mailed to:
    KDHE, Geology and Well Technology Section
    1000 SW Jackson Street
    Suite 420
    Topeka, KS 66612
  • 2nd copy needs to be sent to landowner
  • 3rd copy will be retained by you for your files


"Saltwater Contamination Advisory - As the result of historic oilfield brine contamination, saltwater may be encountered when constructing a water supply well into the Permian bedrock in the areas listed below and as depicted on the maps listed. Very high chloride concentrations can be present in the Permian bedrock making this water unusable and posing a significant risk to the environment if encountered. Groundwater high in chloride concentration may also be encountered in the overlying unconsolidated aquifer, limiting the use of this groundwater for most purposes.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment believes water wells should not be constructed in these areas because encountering the saltwater could result in additional adverse impacts to the environment, the water is not usable and encountering the contaminated groundwater could spread the contamination.

For additional information, persons may contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment at 785-296-3565 or the Kansas Corporation Commission at 620-225-8888."