Northwest District Office

The Northwest District Office (NWDO) consists of 10 environmental and administrative staff that conducts facility inspections, provide technical support to the public on the many environmental programs within KDHE, respond to emergency releases, and conduct fishkill investigations. 21 counties encompassing 19,606 square miles are served by the NWDO. According to the 2000 Census, these 21 counties have a population of 101,122. There are 5 major river basins within the NWD boundaries that have 5,560 miles of streams and 109 square miles of lakes and wetlands. Northwest Kansas is primarily rural with an average rainfall of 20 inches per year. The High Plains Aquifer underlies the western 2/3 of the district and is a vital source of water for human and animal consumption and irrigation.

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Northwest District Office Map

Air Compliance

District staff in this unit perform compliance inspections of sources of air pollution. This unit is also responsible for the issuance of open burning exemptions and investigating complaints associated with ambient air contaminants.

Livestock Waste Management

This unit's primary responsibility is the inspection of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's) and the investigation of complaints associated with this type of activity. Personnel within this unit also provide a great deal of technical and compliance assistance during on-site visits allowing facilities to move toward or remain within compliance with existing regulations.


This unit is responsible for conducting compliance inspections at facilities containing underground storage tanks (UST), conducting subsurface assessments for the removal of USTs, responding to spills/releases of regulated substances, project management of contaminated sites, and complaint investigations.

Waste Management

District staff in this unit perform compliance inspections of permitted solid waste facilities, hazardous waste generators, and hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal facilities. This unit also bears the responsibility of investigating complaints associated with solid or hazardous waste management.

Water Supply & Wastewater

District Staff in this unit perform compliance inspections of public water supplies and wastewater treatment facilities (NPDES), provide technical assistance to owners/operators of PWS and wastewater systems, responds and investigates sewage bypasses and fishkills, collect water samples from PWS and wastewater systems for compliance monitoring, attend and participate in various meetings with city and county officials, local health departments, and the general public, and assist in the training of Certified Operators.