Cleaning Up Properties Contaminated by Former Meth Labs

KDHE's Cleaning Up Former Methamphetamine Labs (PDF) was established by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. If after reading these guidelines you have questions, please call KDHE at 785-296-1679.

For detailed cleanup, guidance see the EPA's Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup.

Caution: If actual chemicals and precursors are found from a clandestine drug lab, please call your local law enforcement agency and/or the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) at 1-800-KSCRIME. The KBI can use a DEA administered program to remove dangerous chemical products.

Disposal of solid waste generated from a meth lab:

Building materials removed from a contaminated house and other dry solid waste such utensils, empty containers, furniture, carpet, and fixtures may be disposed of at normal solid waste and/or CD landfills. A detailed guidance document may be obtained by calling 785-296-1679.