Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program

What We Do

The Kansas Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program (PHBPP) has sought to protect infants from hepatitis B infection since 1990. This is a coordinated effort with prenatal providers, hospitals, and local health departments to help a new mom safeguard her newborn.

Key Steps to Protecting Baby

  • Within 12 Hours of Birth
    • 1st dose of hepatitis B vaccine
    • HBIG
  • By 6 Months Old
    • Complete hepatitis B vaccine series
  • At 9 Months Old
    • Post-Vaccine Serological
To Protect Newborns From Hepatitis B Infection


Contact Information

For additional information contact:

  • Program Coordinator Phone: 785-296-3685
  • Epidemiology Hotline: 877-427-7317