Data Reports

This section is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to a wide variety of information, reports, and data. We include reports that monitor the trends of medical assistance expenditures and population groups within Kansas, the Medical Assistance Report (a public summary that tracks the medical expenses of all Division of Health Care Finance Medical Plans), and detailed population reports.

DHCF Program Improvement

The Division of Health Care Finance (DHCF) maintains an ongoing process of reviewing elements of its programs and operations to identify opportunities for improvement, efficiencies, and savings. The Program Improvements process began in 2008 with reviews of 14 major pieces of the Kansas Medicaid program. Those reviews led to the publication of the first Medicaid Transformation report in January 2009. That process is now being expanded to cover all programs and operations within DHCF, including the State Employee Health Benefits Program and DHCF internal operations. The overall purpose of the process is to produce and publish regular program reviews to monitor, assess, diagnose and address policy issues in each major program area within the agency. The presentation of these reviews is designed to serve as the basis for the DHCF budget and policy initiatives on an ongoing basis.

Health Care Market Reports

The Division of Health Care Finance now has statistical tools that enable us to compare costs and prices paid for health care services across multiple types of coverage, including Medicaid, the Kansas State Employee Health Plan, and small-group private insurance plans. Reports generated from this analysis help give DHCF and other policymakers a better understanding of the healthcare and insurance marketplace. This enables us to manage programs in ways that control costs while ensuring that Kansans have access to the right care at the right price.

Medical Assistance Report (MAR)

The MAR is a longstanding historical record of spending and enrollment for each of DHCF 's medical plans and includes detailed spending summaries by service and population category. The MAR also includes service and population data of Medicaid spending on Mental Health and Long Term Care services through DHCF, KDADS and JJA. Retroactive updates in enrollment and spending are not reflected in these reports.

County-Level Data

Beneficiary enrollment at a county level is now available. These counts show the unduplicated number of people enrolled within a county during a month or year to date, based upon their eligibility. The data has been broken out into 3 different eligibility groupings:

  • All Kansas Medical Programs - total enrollment of any beneficiary enrolled in any medical program in Kansas where expenditures are processed through the MMIS.
  • Medicaid Only - total enrollment for beneficiaries eligible for Medicaid only.  This data set excludes MediKan, Refugee, Tuberculosis, ADAP, and CHIP populations (considered non-Medicaid populations due to funding, benefit plan, and eligibility requirements).
  • CHIP - total enrollment for those enrolled in CHIP only.

Data is provided with an unduplicated monthly count, as well as a Fiscal Year unduplicated total. The Current Fiscal Year data will be updated on a one-quarter lagged basis in order to capture the majority of retroactive beneficiaries.

View KanCare Count-Level Data.