Interventions & Program Assessments


KEPRO produces two Population-Based Interventions on behalf of the Kansas Medical Assistance Program per year. These interventions are selected by the DUR Board and use comprehensive criteria to identify specific disease states or drug usage issues that affect large populations of patients. A high-impact educational intervention packet is sent to prescribing physicians alerting them of the potential issue, the patients that are affected, and the remedial action that is suggested to improve the quality of care.

Since all the physician's patients with the issue are referenced in the intervention letter, a "multiplier effect" is created by impelling change in a large number of patients with a single communication. The two types of population-based interventions utilized by the Kansas Medical Assistance Program are:

  • Drug use evaluation: Drug usage evaluation interventions will target specific drugs and drug categories where pharmacotherapy is often inappropriate, cost-ineffective, potentially harmful, or of limited clinical benefit.
  • Disease management: Disease management interventions will target specific disease states with significant opportunities for improving patient care.

Intervention Outcomes & Program Assessments