Mobile Lab Experience

Group of students gather around the mobile lab for a science activity.

The KDHE Mobile Laboratory Experience (MLE) is an immersive, educational experience brought to K-12 public schools across Kansas. 

Featuring hands-on science experiences taught by professional educators and scientists, this onsite field trip is completely grant funded and available for a limited time.

Through the wonder of science, the MLE introduces Public Health and inspires future scientists in the related sectors of biology, animal science, environmental science, genetics, chemistry and more!

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Indoor Lab Activities

Dazzling DNA Extraction
Students mash strawberries in an extraction solution to open cell walls, releasing the abundant DNA. The long, stringy, DNA strands are then filtered and precipitated out of solution. A colorful DNA double helix model compliments this lesson and demonstrates DNA features. This experience is offered for grades 3-9 with increasing complexity. For high school students with advanced biology and chemistry experience, a more complex Quiagen extraction experience is offered.

Mindful Mosquitos
From a One Health perspective, colorful posters help explain the benefits and risks of mosquitos. Students will identify and label mosquito anatomy and use magnifying glasses, along with touch and smell, to explore mosquito-repelling plants. This experience is especially designed for K-2 grades.

Glowing Germs Goodbye
K-6 grade students become aware of keeping themselves and their pets healthy, how germs can spread and why handwashing is important. Includes black lights and Glo Germ.

With a variety of slides offer a look into microorganisms and cells while students wait for the DNA to precipitate. iPads with NIH science games are also available inside the MLE.