29th and Grove Site


The 29th and Grove Site (Site) is located along the northern part of a Union Pacific Railroad (UP) rail yard south of the K-96 Highway, between Highway I-135 and Grove Street, in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas. Land use in the immediate vicinity of the northern rail yard consists of rail transportation, recreation, and military land-use categories. The K-96 Lake Park is located to the north of the railroad tracks. The Heartland Preparedness Center is located south of the railroad tracks. Land use farther to the south is primarily residential and commercial. 

A photo of the source area at a rail yard, showing tracks and train cars. Photo dated 2005.

The contaminants of concern (COCs) are trichloroethene (TCE) and associated degradation compounds including 1,2-dichoroethene, 1,1-dichlorothene, and vinyl chloride. TCE is a solvent commonly used for metal degreasing. Contamination from the Site was first discovered during investigations conducted in advance of redevelopment of the 21st Street corridor between I-135 and Grove Street. 

Map showing site location in Central Wichita east of I-135

Find information and related documents about the investigation, risk assessment, and feasibility study at the bottom of the page.

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KDHE is soliciting public comments regarding this proposal to address environmental contamination at the Site. A draft Corrective Action Decision (CAD) document that outlines the proposal for cleanup is available for public review at the KDHE offices in Topeka and at the Wichita Angelou Northeast Library Branch. Appointments to review Site documents in Topeka may be made by contacting Mary Daily at 785-296-8896. Review of documents at the Wichita Angelou Northeast Library Branch, 3501 E. 21st North, Wichita, can be done during regular business hours without appointment. The draft CAD and other pertinent information are also electronically available below.

KDHE is receiving comments during the 30-day comment period, August 18 through September 16, 2022, which must be submitted in writing by electronic mail to Mary Daily or postmarked by U. S. mail by September 16, 2022 and sent to:

            Kansas Department of Health and Environment

            Bureau of Environmental Remediation

            Attention: Mary Daily, Professional Geologist

            1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 410

            Topeka, Kansas 66612-1367

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In 1999, KDHE and Union Pacific Rail Road (UP) executed an Interim Agreement for a Preliminary Investigation (PI) to evaluate whether a release of  trichloroethylene (TCE) had occurred on the UP rail yard right-of-way.  Detections of TCE in soil and groundwater at the rail yard confirmed a release had occurred on the rail yard property in the past. TCE is present in the soil at the rail yard at concentrations above the Tier 2 Risk-based Standards for Kansas (RSK) level of 84.2 micrograms per kilogram. TCE is present in groundwater at concentrations above the Tier 2 RSK level of 5 micrograms per liter.

A map showing the groundwater flow direction (southerly) and plume extent (29th St. to Murdock St.)

In 2002, UP entered into a Consent Order with KDHE to conduct a Remedial Investigation to determine the nature and extent of contamination and a Feasibility Study to evaluate remedial alternatives that could be used for cleanup. The Remedial Investigation was completed in 2006 and determined the plume of contaminated groundwater extended from the UP rail yard to the south to Murdock Avenue.