Vaping ECHO for Education

In 2019, the Kansas State Board of Education asked that a task force be formed to assist schools in dealing with E-Cigarette/Vaping use by students. The E-Cigarette/Vaping Task Force determined the need for a Vaping-focused Project ECHO and produced a variety of educational materials, including two documents that have been approved by the Kansas State Board of Education:

Benefits for Participating Schools

  • Participate in a ground-breaking approach to address vaping in schools.
  • Create a school-centered team approach to address vaping in schools.
  • Engage in a network of stakeholders committed to reducing vaping in schools.
  • Increase confidence in schools’ ability to address vaping/tobacco treatment needs of students.
  • Develop participants’ skills to provide support and referrals for vaping/tobacco treatment.
  • Use tele-mentoring to access expert advice concerning prevention and vaping/tobacco treatment.

Participate in a Future Cohort

Is vaping an issue at your school? Are you ready to address it and get students connected to the help they need? If yes, enroll in the Kansas Vaping ECHO for Education program for the 2023-2024 school year by emailing Bryce Chitanavong.

The Pilot Project

  1. Details
  2. Cohort 1
  3. Cohort 2
  4. Cohort 3
  5. Testimonials & Success Stories

Details about Pilot Schools

  • This is the first Project ECHO known to focus on vaping in schools.
  • Twenty Pilot Schools were selected for participation in Cohort One of the Kansas Project ECHO on Vaping. Two schools were selected from each of the ten Kansas State Board of Education member’s districts.

The Second Cohort

  • The second cohort will consist of interested schools that applied to be Pilot Schools for the 2021-2022 Vaping ECHO for Education but were not selected.
  • Schools in the second cohort will represent diversity in terms of rural, urban, socioeconomic status and racial/ethnic makeup.
  • Participating schools are expected to be motivated to impact student use of vaping products and committed to fully participating in the sessions.

Vaping ECHO for Education Cohort Map

See the full-sized map (PDF)