Kansas in one of a growing number of states who are recognizing the Community Health Worker profession through formalizing the certification process. Strengths, Challenges, & Opportunities for Kansas Community Health Workerssupported by Wichita State University Community Engagement Institute and United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, found that integrating CHWs into care teams results in better and more appropriate access to health care, improves health outcomes, addresses gaps and equity issues in our fragmented health care system, and delivers strong return on investment at both the organization and systems levels.

  1. Application & Renewal
  2. Background Check
  3. Exceptions
  4. Continuing Education

Application & Renewal Process

Applications are reviewed within three weeks of receipt in the Wichita State University Center for Public Health Initiatives (WSU CPHI) office on behalf of the Kansas CHW Coalition. 

CHWs may apply if they meet the outlined criteria listed below.

1. Include all requires documentation:

Email Wichita State University for more information if you wish to apply for an exception.

2. Applicants may apply for certification through one of three pathways, completion of a Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) approved CHW training or completion of work experience requirements and reciprocity pathway. Please choose one option. Each are outlined here:

Education Pathway: Applicant must complete the KDHE approved CHW training program through the Kansas CHW Coalition or certified Kansas CHW education provider.

Work Experience Pathway: Applicant must complete 800 hours over three years plus three letters of recommendation to document work and/or volunteer experience.

Reciprocity Pathway: Missouri Community Health Worker-Certified or approved provider.

Any follow-up must be with the WSU office; if it has been more than three weeks since the postmark date. Email Wichita State University or call 316-978-5855.

Length of Certification & Renewal

Certification will be active for two years. Renewal will be required every two years.

  1. Registry
  2. History

Kansas Community Health Worker Registry

The Kansas Community Health Worker Coalition (KCHWC) will maintain a registry of the Kansas Community Health Workers applying for certification, have been granted certification, and have been denied certification. All documents submitted will be maintained by KCHWC and are the property of KCHWC after submission. KCHWC will maintain confidentiality of all applicants.