Private Well Resource Map

Private water well owners and users can use our interactive map to find resources and contact information for County Sanitarians and Labs. To find licensed well contractors, visit the Water Well Contractors & Services Map. To maximize your experience with this map, use a device with a larger screen, such as a tablet, laptop or desktop.

More About the Sanitarians & Labs Map

County Sanitarians

Find sanitarian contact details, as well as availability of water sampling test kits and/or sampling services. If a county has provided additional information, you will find a direct link to that resource page. 

Certified Laboratories

The yellow dots represent certified laboratories that conduct private water well testing. Use these labs if testing or screening services are not provided by your county, or if you would prefer to use a certified laboratory. Labs were selected based on the main analytes, coliform bacteria and nitrate, which KDHE recommends testing for first.  This does not mean that the laboratories are unable to test for other analytes. Contact the lab directly for sampling instructions and other testing options.