Domain 4: Individual & Family Empowerment

Relationship building is a central part of providing Holistic Care Coordination (HCC), so it's critical that you provide this support with a focus on the whole person, which must include a focus on all aspects of a persons' life and family. It's important to use a strengths-based approach, focusing on encouragement, empowerment and education for the individual and their family.


Individual & Family Empowerment Video

  1. Teamwork
  2. Care Coordination
  3. Evaluate Services

Work with the family.        

  • Encourage growth.  Assessment results should be used to recognize and incorporate the individual's and family's strengths and help them grow in their understanding and self-management of their health conditions and, ultimately, meet their goals (see Standard 4.1 for more information).

  • Engage families.  Utilize tools to encourage families to use their strengths, expanding their understanding of the condition(s), growing in their own self-management and self-efficacy skills and gaining the knowledge and skills to reach their goals (see Standard 4.1 for more information).

  • Connect families.  Connect the individual and family to peer supports. This can be done by connecting families with the Supporting You resource (see Standard 4.2 for more information).

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