Holistic Care Coordination Toolkit

The Bureau of Family Health (BFH), under the Title Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, created the Holistic Care Coordination (HCC) toolkit to support primary care, public health, and community service providers to build holistic care coordination programs and service models. This toolkit utilized the framework and model created by the Kansas Title V Special Health Care Needs Program and aligns with national standards for care coordination. The toolkit is organized by: 

National Standard Domains

Learn more about National Care Coordination Standards

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Domain 1: Screening, Identification, and Assessment


Domain 2: Shared Plan of Care

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Domain 3: Team-Based Communication


Domain 4: Individual and Family Empowerment

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Domain 5: Care Coordination Workforce

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Domain 6: Care Transitions

The toolkit has been informed by the BFH Family Advisory Council, the All in for Kansas Kids Strategic Plan, Pediatrics Supporting Parents, as well as input form providers, key stakeholders, and statewide partners.