How to Open a Licensed Child Care Facility

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Steps to Open a Licensed Child Care Facility:

Step 1:  Determine which license best fits your needs.

Step 2:  STOP and schedule a REQUIRED orientation. DO NOT continue until you have attended an orientation.
              Click here to find your county contact to schedule an orientation

  • If you have additional questions or need more information please contact your county contact at the link above.
  • If applicable, have you contacted your HOA or city or county building codes office to verify you can open a licensed facility?

Step 3:  AFTER you have attended an orientation and verified you can open a licensed facility at your location:

  • Create an account and submit an application and supporting forms online OR
  • Complete and submit a paper application and supporting forms and mail (with payment) to:
                 Child Care Licensing
                 1000 SW Jackson, Ste 200
                 Topeka, KS  66612

Note:   A new application may take up to 90 days for processing once an application is complete.
            Your application cannot be completed WITHOUT attending an orientation.

Kansas State Fire Marshal Resources:
For information or questions regarding requirements for obtaining fire approval please contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal: