SemCrude (Rose Rock) Hudson Station Site

Site Background 

The SemCrude (Rose Rock) Hudson Station site (Site) is a 17-acre rural site located in the west half of the  west half of the northwest quarter of Section 31, Township 22 South, Range 11 West, approximately four miles east-southeast of the town of Hudson, Stafford County, Kansas.

The Site was brought to KDHE’s attention starting with an oil spill in January 1991, followed by four additional spills through the years until 2000.  Two additional spills occurred on April 2007 and August 2008.

A Preliminary Investigation in October 2011 detected total petroleum hydrocarbon-gasoline range organics (TPH-GRO) and total petroleum hydrocarbon-diesel range organics (TPH-DRO) in multiple soil samples at concentrations that exceeded KDHE Tier 2 Risk-based Standards for Kansas (RSKs) for residential settings.  TPH-GRO, TPH-DRO, and benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylenes (BTEX) were not found above laboratory reporting limits in groundwater samples.  A Comprehensive Investigation (CI) performed during 2015-2017 included soil sampling, installing five permanent shallow monitoring wells. And collecting groundwater samples from each well.  Low range hydrocarbons (TPH-LRH) were not detected in the soil samples.  Mid-range and high range hydrocarbons (TPH-MRH and TPH-HRH) were detected at greater than soil RSK concentrations and less than soil RSK, respectively.  TPH-HRH did not exceed non-residential or residential groundwater RSK levels in any of the samples.  TPH-MRH was detected in four groundwater samples, with two RSK exceedances.  TPH-LRH was detected in one groundwater sample but was at concentrations less than the residential groundwater RSK.  A Supplemental CI performed in October 2021 evaluated the latest conditions, and all contaminants were either not detected or were below applicable RSKs in both soil and groundwater samples.

KDHE asked for public comments regarding the proposed site closure.  No comments were received during the public comment period.

Additional Information 

For additional information, please contact:

Julie Manders, Geology Associate

Phone: 785-296-6437

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