Health Care Market Reports


The Division of Health Care Finance collects and maintains a large amount of data from Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP). In addition, in cooperation with the Kansas Insurance Department, DHCF maintains the Kansas Health Insurance Information System (KHIIS), which includes health care data from individual and small-group private insurance plans.

These datasets are being combined using a tool called the Data Analytic Interface (DAI), a multi-payer administrative claims database initiative sponsored by the Division of Health Care Finance and the Kansas Insurance Department. The DAI went into production in early 2010 with Medicaid and SEHP data. The KHIIS module is currently under implementation. With the DAI, DHCF is now able, among other things, to compare prices paid for health care services and utilization across different insurance plans, and across time.

These reports are developed and reviewed under the aegis of the Kansas Health Data Consortium a collaborative, multi-stakeholder advisory committee on data-driven policy with membership spanning across key sectors of the health and health care industry. The reports provide a summary and comparative data on health care cost, utilization, service patterns and trends, and other key descriptive snapshots of the health care market. Multiple data sources provide input to the Data Consortium process, as indicated within parentheses next to each category below in the format (date reviewed by the Consortium, data source). Some of the reports are developmental drafts and are not to be used for reporting purposes whenever identified as such.