List of Disorders

While most newborns look perfectly healthy, there are some conditions that aren't visible. Unless these conditions are identified and treated early, they can cause severe illness, intellectual disability, or in some cases death. Kansas newborns are currently screened for 34 conditions. Learn more about these conditions from Baby's First Test.

Lysosomal Storage Disorders

As of January 2, 2021, the Kansas Newborn Screening Program added two lysosomal storage disorders (LSD) to the blood spot screening panel: Pompe Disease and Mucopolysaccharidoses I (MPS I). With this change, Kansas is now screening for 34 of the 35 conditions on the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel. This screening will be part of the standard blood spot screening conducted shortly after birth. Lysosomal Storage Disorders are a group of diseases that prevent some cells from breaking down fats and sugars, resulting in cellular damage that leads to a variety of symptoms. Pompe has an incidence rate of 1 in 40,000 and MPS I has an incidence rate of 1 in 100,000.