Environmental Services Contract

  1. Module A - State Cleanup Programs
  2. Module B - Storage Tank Program
  3. Module C - Risk Assessments

Module Ordering Officers

  • Andrea Schiller
  • Cathy Tucker-Vogel
  • Darryl Morgan
  • Deanna Ross
  • Debbie Parks
  • Jorge Jacobs
  • Joseph Dom
  • Julie Coleman
  • Kathleen Bleach
  • Laura Methany
  • Marlene Spence
  • Maura O'Halloran
  • Rob Gavin
  • Seth Mettling
  • Tiffini Wells

Environmental Services Contract

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) contracts with qualified environmental Vendors to perform tasks at environmentally contaminated sites in Kansas, including:

  • Assessment, investigation, remediation, restoration, and monitoring at projects in State- and Federal-funded programs; and
  • Development and review of human health and ecological risk evaluations.

The Environmental Services Contract is being administered by the Bureau of Environmental Remediation (BER) but includes use by other bureaus within KDHE such as the Bureau of Waste Management (BWM) and Bureau of Water (BOW).

KDHE has awarded contracts to multiple vendors; however, receiving an award does not guarantee work for a successful Vendor as KDHE will use these contract services on an as-needed if needed, basis.

Programs will request site-specific work request bids from successful Vendors. Site-specific work request awards are based on cost and qualifications. Vendors, please be aware that certain project documentation must be submitted along with invoices: ESC Invoicing Documentation Requirements/Examples

All work performed under this Contract shall be in conformance with the KDHE Division of Environment Quality Management Plan (QMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Contractor/Vendor City State Module A/B/C
Associated Environmental, Inc. Manhattan KS B
ATC Group Services Lenexa KS B
Blackstone Kansas City MO A/B
Braun Intertec Lenexa KS A/B
Burns & McDonnell Engineering Kansas City MO A
Coranco Great Plains, Inc. Wahoo NE A/B
Environmental Remediation & Monitoring Meriden KS B
Environmental Works Springfield MO A/B
GeoCore Inc. Salina KS B
GHD Services, Inc. Topeka CO A/C
Golder Associates Lakewood KS A/C
GSI Engineering Topeka KS A/B
Habitat Architects Belton MO A
Intertek PSI Kansas City KS A/B
iSi Environmental Wichita KS A/B
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Mission KS A/C
Knightly Environmental Lenexa KS B
Larsen & Associates, Inc. Lawrence KS A/B
Milco Environmental Services, Inc. McCook NE A/B
Olsson Associates Overland Park KS A/B
Professional Environmental Engineers, Inc St. Louis MO A/C
SCS Engineers  Overland Park KS A/B
Southwest Environmental McCook NE B
TechLaw, Inc. Golden CO C
Terracon Lenexa KS A
Terranext Kansas City MO B
Tetra Tech Kansas City MO A/C
WSP USA Kansas City MO A/C

The Environmental Services Contract Contains Three Different & Separate Modules

Module A - State and Federal Funded Programs (excluding Storage Tanks)

Common tasks include ASTM Phase I and II Environmental Assessments, media-specific Assessments and Investigations, Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives, Remedial Design, Implementation and Operation (including maintenance), Restoration and Monitoring.

  • Module B - BER Storage Tanks Program: Perform Assessment, Investigation, Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives, Remediation (including maintenance), Restoration, and Monitoring.
  • Module C - Risk Assessment: Provide technical support to KDHE staff overseeing or performing risk assessment activities which may include Development and Review of Baseline Risk Assessments, Eco-Risk Assessments and Tier III Risk Analysis, assist with risk management decision making or participate in face-to-face meetings or teleconferences between KDHE staff, the regulated party and their representatives.

Bureau / Program-Specific Information

Module A - State and Federal Funded Programs (excluding Storage Tanks):

Brownfields Program: The Vendor shall have the capability to perform Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments in accordance with the most current ASTM 1527 Standard and methodology at KDHE's request. All Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments must be conducted under the direction of an "environmental professional" as defined in 40 CFR Part 312 "Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries." The Vendor shall also have the capability to perform or subcontract asbestos and lead assessments/removals.

Dry Cleaner and Orphan Sites Remediation Programs: These two state-funded programs are responsible for assessing, remediating, and monitoring contaminated sites. The Dry Cleaning Program conducts state-lead investigations and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination at sites that have applied and been accepted into the Dry Cleaning Facility Release Trust Fund. The Orphan Sites Program addresses sites where known or suspected contamination poses a threat to human health or the environment and a potentially responsible party (PRP) has not yet been identified or the PRP is recalcitrant or is unable to proceed.

Guidance documents for various work tasks under these programs include:

Site Assessment Program: This program uses both state and federal funds to evaluate sites with known or suspected releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants. While KDHE staff will typically conduct the Pre-CERCLIS Screening Assessments (e.g., Initial Site Screening (ISS), Site Evaluation (SE), and/or an Integrated Site Evaluation (ISE)), Vendors must be able to perform these assessments if requested. Work requests will also include various CERCLA assessments such as, Preliminary Assessment (PA), Integrated Assessment (IA), Site Inspection or Expended Site Inspection. All assessments will be consistent with EPA guidance and must be conducted in accordance with KDHE's QMP.

Superfund Program: The Vendor shall have the capability to provide assessment, remedial design, installation, maintenance, operation, and monitoring at Superfund sites under direct oversight by KDHE. Depending on the phase of the project (i.e., assessment and remedial design/implementation versus long-term operation and maintenance and monitoring, etc.) activities performed under this program may be either federally or state-funded.

Surface Mining Program (SMP): The Vendor shall have the capability to perform engineering services and design on Kansas Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Reclamation Projects, including the ability to work on projects requiring hazard mitigation and compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. Work on the Projects may include aerial mapping, design work, environmental permitting and specification development in accordance with the AML Project Design Guidelines.

Vapor Intrusion (VI): Vapor Intrusion assessment or general VI support may be requested for various programs within KDHE. The Vendor shall be able to collect vapor samples including soil gas, sub-slab, and indoor air for risk characterization and monitoring purposes. VI assessment must be conducted in accordance with all relevant guidance and SOPs.

Additional Tasks: A variety of other tasks may be requested by various programs within KDHE, which may include:

  • Aquifer tests, hydrogeologic services, geophysical surveys, pilot tests, treatability studies, etc;
  • Performing and/or reviewing various vadose zone and groundwater models;
  • Assist with or conduct planning and organization of public meetings;
  • Review and compilation of regulatory agency records, title searches, operational history for targeted properties; and,
  • Identification of current and past owner/operators, generators, transporters, etc.

Module B - Storage Tanks Programs:

The Vendors shall be able to provide service for one or all of the following scopes of work for the Storage Tank Section: 1) Probing, 2) Limited Site Assessments, 3) Monitoring, 4) Site Summary Assessment, 5) Remedial Design Plan, 6) Site Remedial Plans, 7) Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring, 8) Excavations, 9) Limited Kansas Risk-Based Corrective Action, and 10) Well Abandonment, 11) Emergency Response.

The Storage Tank Section has a Request for Proposal (RFP) for each scope of work requested, including the work plan and report requirements. All work will be conducted in accordance with the requirements outlined in the work request RFP.

Module C - Risk Assessment:

The Vendor performing tasks under this module is expected to be a representative of KDHE, advocating a position consistent with KDHE policy and guidance. All tasks performed under this module must be in accord with all appropriate EPA and KDHE risk assessment guidance documents.


Standard forms referenced or used during the RFP submittal process or implementation of the contract are noted or hyperlinked below.