Kansas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

In 1990 with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Kansas Department of Health and Environment conducted the first phone-based Kansas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey. For short we call ourselves BRFSS ("Ber Fuss"). Since that time, the survey has been helping inform health policy in our state.

We conduct telephone health surveys year-round to adults randomly selected. Some Kansans may mistake an unsolicited survey call for a scam attempt. Our calls are legitimate and participation is vital. This page has been established to:

  • answer frequent questions, 
  • encourage participation and
  • share the results from the survey.

Each year we try to complete between 10,000 and 20,000 surveys with Kansas residents. Do not forget to read our overview (PDF)!

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  1. The Survey Process
  2. Supporting Communities and Professionals

Phone numbers are randomly selected. Our interviewers are trained to ask a series of questions about major health topics. All answers are private. The total time that it takes to complete the survey is about 20 minutes but varies a little with each person. Each year there is a set number of surveys we must complete. Once we reach that number, we combine the answers of everyone who took part. With all the results combined we then do statistical tests and data analyses. After the analyses is complete we prepare and present it in a variety of ways.