Our Work



The statutory mission of the Division of Health Care Finance is to develop and maintain a coordinated health policy agenda that combines effective purchasing and administration of health care with health promotion-oriented public health strategies. The powers, duties, and functions of the Division are intended to be exercised to improve the health of the people of Kansas by increasing the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of health services and public health programs.

Vision Principles

  • Access to Care - Every Kansan should have access to patient-centered health care and public health services ensuring the right care, at the right place, and at the right price. Health promotion and disease prevention should be integrated directly into these services.
  • Quality and Efficiency in Health Care - The delivery of care in Kansas should emphasize positive outcomes, safety, and efficiency and be based on best practices and evidence-based medicine.
  • Affordable and Sustainable Health Care - The financing of health care and health promotion in Kansas should be equitable, seamless, and sustainable for consumers, providers, purchasers, and the government.
  • Promoting Health and Wellness - Kansans should pursue healthy lifestyles with a focus on wellness-to include physical activity, proper nutrition, and refraining from tobacco use as well as a focus on the informed use of health services over their life course.
  • Stewardship - The Division of Health Care Finance will administer the resources entrusted to us by the citizens and the State of Kansas with the highest level of integrity, responsibility, and transparency.
  • Education and Engagement of the Public - Kansans should be educated about health and health care delivery to encourage public engagement in developing an improved health system for all.