Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Response

The Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Response conducts infectious disease surveillance and outbreak investigations and provides subject matter expertise to local health departments, physicians, veterinarians, and the general public.


Epidemiology: "the study of health in populations"

The role of the epidemiologist has expanded beyond the study of disease patterns in populations to include an emphasis on prevention. Epidemiology Services works to sustain a healthy environment for Kansans. Our section is involved in disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, and education. We also provide technical support to local and private health care providers on infectious diseases, non-infectious diseases, environmental health issues, preventive care information, and guidance on animal and human health issues such as treatment of potential rabies exposures. We collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by weekly updates of nationally notifiable diseases that have occurred in our state.

Epidemiologic Services

We are proud to offer subject matter expertise and technical support to local health departments, the private health care community, and the general public by providing phone coverage 24 hours each day - 7 days a week. Epidemiologic Services Section can assist with:

  • Disease Outbreak Investigations
  • Disease Reporting Requirements
  • Health Education Opportunities
  • Public Health Interventions

Disease Surveillance & Data Management

Disease Surveillance and Data Management: "collecting data for a purpose"

Infectious disease surveillance is a process of collecting, summarizing, and analyzing data to provide public health assurance. Routine disease monitoring, disease outbreak, and other public health emergencies all rely on surveillance and data management.