Permanence of the EMSC

"The degree to which the state or territory has established permanence of EMSC in the state or territory EMS system."

Annual Goal for Performance Measure

The annual goal for this measure is to increase the number of states and territories that have established the permanence of EMSC in the state or territory EMSC system.

Components of This Measure

  • A state or territory EMSC Advisory Committee that meets regularly
  • A pediatric representative on the state or territory EMS Board
  • A full-time EMSC program manager

Why This Measure Matters

By establishing permanence and building the infrastructure of the state EMSC program, the overall aims of reducing child mortality and promoting the health of children can be embedded as a priority on the state level. Pediatric representation is crucial so that the emergency medical concerns of children will have an advocate so that they may be addressed and improved upon.

The EMSC program relies upon collaboration with other engaged organizations and individuals for its success, and establishing a permanent place in the state will solidify the foundation upon which it is built.