Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators (PECCs for short) are the pediatric champions of the emergency medical world. These are dedicated individuals who coordinate pediatric activities and advocate for some of our most vulnerable patients. Over the past decade, there has been a growing body of literature demonstrating that facilities with a PECC are able to provide higher quality care to pediatric patients when they present. By advocating for family-centered care, education, evidence-based practice, and continuous improvement, PECCs have the opportunity to make a difference within their communities and across the state.


Some of the initiatives PECCs are working on include:

  • Pediatric disaster planning 
  • Pediatric specific equipment/resource availability 
  • Promotion and provision of pediatric-specific education 
  • Promotion of family-centered care 
  • QI/PI Projects 
  • Implementation of evidence-based pediatric guidelines 
  • Advocacy for pediatric inclusion in organizational policies 


In Kansas, it is our goal to have 40% of our EMS agencies reporting an active PECC by the end of 2020. We currently sit at 25.4%, which means we still have work to do. By joining the Kansas PECC network, you can play a key role in meeting this endeavor.

If you are interested in becoming either an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or Emergency Department (ED) PECC, or unsure if your facility currently has a PECC, please email Emergency Medical Services for Children.


Learn more about Becoming a PECC (PDF) for your organization, and visit the EIIC PECC Page to see some of the resources and opportunities available to PECCs throughout the nation.