Worksite Wellness


Worksite wellness is gaining momentum as companies, non-profits, schools, and other institutions recognize the benefits of working well, from reducing health care costs to increasing employee morale and engagement.

The Kansas Worksite Wellness Program is committed to helping worksites develop and implement worksite wellness best practices that have been shown to have the greatest return on investment and impact to employee health. In fact, the evidence shows that for every $1 worksites put toward long-term comprehensive worksite wellness, they get a more than $3 return on investment.1

While 81% of American businesses with 50 or more employees have some kind of health promotion initiative in place, only 6.9% have comprehensive initiatives.2 At KDHE, we are committed to helping your worksite succeed at wellness.

Here's How We Can Help

  • The Kansas Worksite Wellness Program works to develop and provide technical assistance, trainings, and webinars to worksites and funded communities in the state.
  • Through partnerships with national, state, and local organizations, we connect worksites to these trainings and other resources.

Additional Information

View the Resources page to see a list of upcoming trainings and resources.

Examples of Worksite Wellness Initiatives from the Kansas Alliance for Wellness

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Linnan, Laura, et al. "Results of the 2004 national worksite health promotion survey." American Journal of Public Health 98.8 (2008): 1503.