• ACEs Primer - From KPJR Films, the producers of Paper Tigers and Resilience, this short video summarizes the ACEs study and what it means for population health. (Length - 4:59)
  • Brain Builders - From Alberta Family Wellness and the Harvard Center for the Developing Child, this animated video describes how toxic stress impacts early brain development (Length - 4:05)
  • Harvard Center for the Developing Child - The Harvard Center for the Developing Child has videos on a variety of topics including brain architecture and building resilience.
  • How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime - From, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris discusses the need for a public health approach to preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (Length - 15:59)
  • Raising of America (select scenes) - From California Newsreel, the producers of Raising of America (Various lengths and topics from the film series.)