Birth Certificate for Voter ID

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Free Birth Certificate to Obtain Free Photo Identification

In order to obtain a nondriver identification card, a person must present acceptable proof of identity and proof of residence. Qualifying individuals who lack proof of identity and desire to obtain a free nondriver identification card may obtain a birth certificate at no cost to the individual by submitting to the Kansas Office of Vital Statistics a Form BCA, Affidavit of Person Requesting Free Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, and Form DE- VID1, Certification Requesting Fee Waiver for Nondriver Identification Card. To qualify such person must:

  1. Not possess any documents listed as valid photographic identification documents under Kansas law (see the Acceptable Documents heading)
  2. Lack any of the documents necessary to prove identity
  3. Be registered to vote in Kansas
  4. Have been born in Kansas

Both the Form DE- VID1 and the Form BCA are required to obtain a birth certificate in order to obtain a free non-driver identification card.

Please note the following if you are trying to obtain a birth certificate under this program for the purpose of obtaining a free nondriver identification card:

  • You will not be able to get a free driver's license, just a nondriver identification card
  • An individual cannot simultaneously hold a Kansas driver's license and a Kansas nondriver identification card
  • An individual will only be issued one birth certificate under this program. The certificate will be stamped with "For voting purposes only"
  • The forms submitted under this program can be shared with other agencies

Acceptable Documents

Acceptable documents for photographic identification for purposes of voting in Kansas, pursuant to K.S.A. 2011 Supp. 25-2908:

  • Driver's license issued by Kansas or another state
  • Employee badge or ID document issued by a government office
  • ID card issued by Kansas or another state
  • U.S. military ID
  • U.S. passport
  • Student ID card issued by an accredited Kansas postsecondary educational institution
  • Concealed carry of handgun license issued by Kansas or another state
  • A public assistance identification card issued by a government office or agency