Filing a Foreign Born Adoption

Note: Effective July 1, 2022, the cost of certified copies increased to $20 per copy. The Foreign Born filing fee cost increased to $30. Prior certified copy pricing expired at midnight on June 30, 2022.

Residents of Kansas who adopt children born in another country can place a Kansas certificate on file for them. The certificate does not give them citizenship. Citizenship can only be granted by the federal government. For information regarding the procedure to obtain citizenship for your child, go to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

If the adoption was granted through the courts in the country your child was born, you will need to take your decree of adoption with an English translation and evidence of lawful entry into the United States to your county courthouse and file the paperwork with the clerk. The clerk will make copies of your paperwork and assign a case number to be placed permanently on file in their court. Complete a Report of Adoption Form (PDF) at the court so they can send it to our office.

If the adoption was granted through the courts here in Kansas, complete a Report of Adoption Form at the court so they can send it to our office.

Once we receive the completed Report of Adoption Form, we will create a certificate for your child and send it to you to look over and sign. Return the signed certificate with evidence of the child's birth, such as the child's original birth certificate or birth data record, alien registration card, or passport. The filing fee is $30. This does not include the charge for a certified copy. Certified copies are available for $20 for the first copy and $20 for each additional copy of the same record ordered at the same time.

After we have received the signed certificate, evidence of birth, and the appropriate fees, we will place the certificate on permanent file and issue the copies you have requested.

Contact & Mailing

If you have any questions, please contact our office. Everything should be mailed to:
Adoption Clerk
Office of Vital Statistics
1000 SW Jackson
Suite 120
Topeka, Ks 66612-2221