Policy & Users Group Meetings

Policy Group

The Kansas Trauma Registry Policy Committee was formally convened in 2003 as a subcommittee of the Advisory Committee on Trauma (ACT) and meets on a quarterly basis. The purpose of this committee is to make policy recommendations regarding standardization of statewide trauma data and to provide input into public health surveillance using reports developed from that data.

The Policy Committee makes recommendations to the ACT on the following types of issues:

  • Changes to registry software (core and comprehensive data) based on requests from registry users
  • Modifications to the hospital data reports
  • Special topic surveillance
  • The use of trauma registry data for trauma systems improvement

Policy Group Meeting Schedule

January 20, 20211 pmVirtual
April 21, 20211 pmVirtual
July 21, 20211 pmVirtual
October 20, 20211 pmVirtual

Users Group

The Kansas Registry Users Group was formed in 2002 and meets on a quarterly basis. It represents Kansas hospital facilities and interested participants who use the Kansas Trauma Registry. The meeting is intended to provide education for registry users to perform accurate data collection and reporting as well as a platform for questions and input.

The data collected can be used to help inform decisions made by the Policy Group Subcommittee, the Advisory Committee on Trauma (ACT), and other stakeholders involved in trauma care on a regional or statewide basis.

Users Group Meeting Schedule

February 17, 20211 pmVirtual
May 19, 20211 pmVirtual
August 18, 20211 pmVirtual
November 17, 20211 pmVirtual