Kansas Drugs of Abuse Testing

For a laboratory to perform non-medical drugs of abuse (DOA) testing in the State of Kansas, the laboratory must be approved by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Kansas Health and Environment Laboratories. Laboratories performing testing only for medical diagnosis or treatment are not required to be a Kansas-approved (DOA) laboratory. However, the laboratory must be a CLIA certified laboratory and must follow the rules set forth by their certifying or inspecting agency. [KAR 28-33-12(b)(2)(C)]

Listed is a summary of the requirements for those facilities that wish to perform Drugs of Abuse (DOA) Testing

  • Appropriate personnel with diplomas, transcripts, and licenses to document qualifications for:
    • Director - physician or PhD
    • Laboratory Supervisor - physician, PhD, or bachelor's degree
    • Testing Personnel - physician, PhD, bachelor's degree, associate degree, or HEW certification
  • Procedure manual with detailed written procedures for the following:
    • Quality Assurance
    • Quality Control
    • Result reporting
    • Specimen analysis, including protocol for confirmation of positive results
    • Specimen Collection, handling, and storage, including "Chain-of-Custody"
  • Enrollment in an approved proficiency testing program and demonstrated successful PT performance
  • File an application to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to be approved to test for a Drugs of Abuse.

On-site inspection of the facility by the Laboratory Improvement Section of Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Please fill out the CMS 116 Application (PDF) and Drugs of Abuse Application (PDF) and email both to Carissa Robertson.