Rights & Responsibilities

For Participation in the Kansas WIC Program

Read each section thoroughly. Download and print a copy of the Rights and Responsibilities (PDF) in English and Spanish (PDF).

  1. Agree
  2. Understand
  3. Terms of Agreement

I Agree to:

  • Attend all scheduled nutrition education classes and appointments.
  • Be on time for all appointments.
  • Let WIC staff know in advance if I cannot keep an appointment.
  • Bring proof of current income, address, and identification for each person applying.
  • Give the WIC staff truthful information about my or my child's medical history, my household income and the foods that I eat or my child eats.
  • Have my or my child's weight, height, and blood checked (finger or heel stick) and a diet assessment.
  • Handle my WIC checks carefully - like they were cash and keep my eWIC card PIN number secure.
  • Call the WIC office right away if my eWIC card/checks are damaged, lost, or stolen. The eWIC card is replaceable, but checks are replaced only in special cases.
  • Buy only WIC food with WIC checks or eWIC card:
  • Let the WIC staff know if my address, telephone number or income changes, if I am going to move away, or if I no longer have custody of the client.