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Kansas IN NumberDescriptionNRC Reference
KS IN 07-09Varian medical systems varisource hdr events: iridium-192 source pulled from shielded positionNRC 2007-35
KS IN 07-08 (PDF)
Timely disposal of low-level radioactive wasteN/A
KS IN 07-07Exposures to members of the public caused by inadequate controls over well logging sourcesNRC 2007-33
KS IN 07-06Suggestions from the advisory committee on the medical use of isotopes for consideration to improve compliance with sodium iodide I-131 written directive requirements in 10 cfr 35.40 and supervision requirements in 10 cfr 35.27NRC 2007-25
KS IN 07-05 (PDF)
CT requirements for pediatric and small adult patientsN/A
KS IN 07-04 (PDF)
Licensee and registrant responsibilty for tracking occupational doseN/A
KS IN 07-03 (PDF)
Registration of therapeutic radiation of physicists and authorized usersN/A
KS IN 07-02Common violations of the increased controls requirements and related documentsNRC 2007-16
KS IN 07-01 (PDF)
CT screening and screening approvalN/A
KS IN 05-01 (PDF)Reminder to x-ray registrants about kansas radiation protection regulation: 28-35-242 (c) (1) and (2). Limitations on human use.N/A
KS IN 05-02 (PDF)Security Requirements for Portable GaugesFederal Register Notice (PDF)
KS IN 04-02 (PDF)
Description: Registration, use, and quality assurance requirements for nrc certified transportation packagesNRC IN 2004-13 (PDF)
KS IN 04-03 (PDF)
Description: Radiation exposures to members of the public in excess of regulatory limits caused by failures to perform appropriate radiation surveys during well-logging operationsNRC IN 2004-003 (PDF)
KS IN 02-01 (PDF)
Radioactive Material Recovery ProgramN/A
KS IN 02-02 (PDF)
Medical use of strontium-90 eye applicators: new requirements for calibration and decay correctionN/A
KS IN 02-03 (PDF)
Medical misadministrations caused by failure to properly perform tests on dose calibrators for beta- and low-energy photon-emitting radionuclidesN/A
KS IN 02-04 (PDF)
Healing arts screening and screening approvalN/A
KS IN 02-05 (PDF)
CT screening and screening approvalN/A
KS IN 01-01 (PDF)
Licensure of fluorine-18 in the form of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) used in positron emission tomography (pet) studiesNRC IN 01-01
KS IN 01-04 (PDF)
Recent events resulting in whole body exposures exceeding regulatory limitsNRC IN 2000-15
KS IN 01-05 (PDF)
Potential Hazards Due to Volatilization of RadionuclidesNRC IN 2000-16
KS IN 01-06 (PDF)
Medical Misadministrations Caused by Human Errors Involving Gamma Sterotactic RadiosurgeryNRC IN 2000-22
KS IN 01-07 (PDF)
Incident Reporting Requirements For Radiography LicenseesNRC IN 2001-03
KS IN 01-09 (PDF)
Thefts of portable gaugesNRC IN 98-01
KS IN 01-10 (PDF)
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Untested Third Party SourceN/A
KS IN 01-11 (PDF)
Fda public health notification: reducing radiation risk from computed tomography for pediatric and small adult patientsN/A
KS IN 00-01 (PDF)
Change in Radiography Procedures - The Two-Man Rule.NRC Reference
KS IN 98-01Second Retrofit to Industrial Nuclear Company IR 100 Radiography Camera to correct inconsistency in 10 CFR Part 34 CompatabilityNRC IN 97-87
KS IN 98-02Recent failures of control cables used on Amersham Model 660 Posilock radiography systemsNRC IN 97-91
KS IN 98-04Recent failures of control cables used on Amersham Model 660 Posilock Radiography SystemsNRC IN 97-91, S1
KS IN 98-06Unauthorized use of license to obtain radioactive materials and its implications under the expanded - Title 18 of the U.S. CodeNRC IN 98-06
KS IN 98-09Collapse of an Isocam II, Dual-Headed Nuclear Medicine Gamma CameraNRC IN 98-09
KS IN 98-10Probable misadministration occurring during intravascular brachytherapy with the Novoste Beta-Cath SystemNRC IN 98-10
KS IN 98-11Computer software problems associated with the use of commercial radiopharmacy dose ordering applicationsKS IN 98-11 (PDF)
KS IN 98-12Licensees Responsibilities regarding reporting and follow up requirements for nuclear powered pacemakersNRC IN 98-12
KS IN 98-13Clarification of revisions of 10 CFR 34 for review by licensees for applicability to current licensed activitiesKS IN 98-13 (PDF)
KS IN 98-14Licensees responsibilities in regards to training employees to properly check alarm ratemeters for operabilityNRC IN 98-16
KS IN 98-15Licensees responsibilities in regards to employees performing adequate contamination surveysNRC IN 98-18