Radiation Control Program Information Notices

Kansas IN Number
NRC Reference
KS IN 2023-01 (PDF)
Dental Vendors X-Ray Exposure Control Location
KS IN 2021-02 (PDF)Reciprocity Short NoticeN/A
KS IN 2021-01 (PDF)Gonadal Shielding WaiverN/A
KS IN 2020-01 (PDF)Temporary Guidance for X-Ray Registrants and Physicists in Kansas During the COVID-19 PandemicN/A
KS IN 2019-02 (PDF)Use of Mobile X-Ray UnitsN/A
KS IN 2019-01 (PDF)Handheld X-Ray UnitsN/A
KS IN 2017-01 (PDF)Use of Portable or Mobile X-Ray UnitsN/A
KS IN 2016-03 (PDF)Clarification About "Precision Testing" in Bone Densitometry/DexaN/A
KS IN 2016-02 (PDF)Clarification About the Use of Instadose™ DosimetersN/A
KS IN 2016-01 (PDF)Guidance for the Implementation of 10 CFR Part 37N/A
KS IN 2014-02 (PDF)Inadequate Surveys for Wireline OperationsN/A
KS IN 2014-01 (PDF)Recent Licensing Submittals Containing Personally Identifiable InformationN/A
KS IN 13-03 (PDF)Handheld X-Ray DevicesN/A
KS IN 13-02 (PDF)June 30, 2013 Deadline for Cost-Shared Collection and Disposal of Certain Class a, B, and C Radioactive Sealed SourcesN/A
KS IN 13-01 (PDF)Radiography Events Resulting in Exposures Exceeding Regulatory LimitsNRC 2012-23 (PDF)
KS IN 12-01 (PDF)Thermo Scientific Sentinel RadEye G Portable Dose and Dose Rate MeterNRC 2011-05 (PDF)
KS IN 08-01 (PDF)Possible Malfunction of Electronic Medical Devices Caused by Computed Tomography (CT) ScanningN/A
KS IN 08-02 (PDF)Precautions to Take Before Sharing Sensitive Security-Related InformationNRC 2008-03 (PDF)
KS IN 09-01 (PDF)Technetium-99M Guidance
KS IN 09-02 (PDF)Heightened Awareness for Patients Containing Detectable Amounts of Radiation From Medical AdministrationsNRC IN 2003-22, Supplement 1 (PDF)
KS IN 09-04 (PDF)Varian Medical Systems Varisource
High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader
Events: Source Retraction Problems
NRC Information Notice 2009-15 (PDF)
KS IN 09-05 (PDF)Performance of Required Shutter
Checks and Reporting of Gauge
Shutter Failures
NRC Information Notice 2009-18 (PDF)
KS IN 09-06 (PDF)Computed Tomography (CT) Overexposure Incident and Protocol ReviewN/A
KS IN 09-07 (PDF)
QSA Global Certificate of Compliance ExpirationN/A
KS IN 09-08 (PDF)Nrc Completes Inspection of Medical Errors at Veterans Affairs Hospital in PhiladelphiaNRC Letter 11-18-2009 (PDF)
KS IN 09-09 (PDF)Findings From the NRC Initiative to Assess Materials Licensees' Compliance with the NRC Decommissioning RequirementsNRC Information Notice 2009-30 (PDF)
KS IN 10-01 (PDF)Radiation Therapy Machine Training, Education and Reporting RequirementsN/A
KS IN 10-02 (PDF)General License GuideN/A
KS IN 10-03 (PDF)Gulf Nuclear Model Ambe-71-2aN/A