Vape-Free Schools

There are many ways to address the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices among youth in school environments. Find tools and resources on this page to help school administrators implement the following: 

  • Tobacco-free and vape-free school policies 
  • Clear and visible signage that communicates the policy 
  • Consistent enforcement and consequences in place for violations 
  • Updated tobacco and vape education in the school’s health curriculum 
  • Tobacco cessation resources available for both students and staff
  1. Signage
  2. Toolkit
  3. Webinars & Podcasts

Downloadable Tobacco-Free School Signage

Clear and visible signage is an important part of a comprehensive tobacco-free school policy. We have provided a free downloadable PDF of KDHE and KSDE's tobacco-free school sign as well as a round window-cling version. These signs are also available to order in aluminum versions from KDHE via the "No Cost Tobacco-Free Signage Available!"

Signage Resources

  1. Promoting Awareness
  2. Eight Elements

Promoting Awareness

  • School administration can:

    • Strengthen and review your current tobacco-free and e-cigarette-free policy
    • Issue an advisory to parents and provide them with resources about talking to their teens
    • Promote health messaging throughout the school
  • School health services can:

    • Educate students and parents on the harms of nicotine and e-cig use
    • Provide resources to parents about talking to teens
    • Share resources to help both students and adults quit tobacco
  • Health educators and teachers can:

    • Update curriculum that addresses the harms of nicotine and e-cig use
    • Use relevant, youth-friendly lesson plans

Resist is funded by the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition and sponsored in part by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.