Radon Laws

  1. Contract of Sale Disclosures
  2. Certification & Fees

Contract for Sale of Residential Real Property

Each contract for the sale of residential real property shall contain the following language, as defined in K.S.A. 58-3078a:

Every buyer of residential real property is notified that the property may present exposure to dangerous concentrations of indoor radon gas that may place occupants at risk of developing radon-induced lung cancer. Radon, a class-A human carcinogen, is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and the second leading cause overall. Kansas law requires sellers to disclose any information known to the seller that shows elevated concentrations of radon gas in residential real property. The Kansas department of health and environment recommends all home-buyers have an indoor radon test performed prior to purchasing or taking occupancy  of residential real property. All testing for radon should be conducted by a radon measurement technician. Elevated radon concentrations can be easily reduced by a radon mitigation technician.

For additional information go to the Kansas Radon Program website.