Farmers & Growers

Are you a Kansas farmer? Do you sell fresh and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, herbs, or honey at a farmers market, roadside stand or farm store? If so, you have an opportunity to be authorized to redeem coupons from participants in the Kansas Senior Farmers Market Program (KSFMNP).


To be authorized for the KSFMNP, you must:

  • Submit an Authorized Farmers Agreement each year, either the online version or the paper version (PDF), and complete the annual training.
  • Grow eligible foods in Kansas or a county adjacent to the Kansas border in a neighboring state. View the current Eligible Foods List (PDF).
  • Sell at a farmers market, roadside stand, or farm store.


Once you have completed the steps outlined on this page, you will be assigned a four-digit authorized farmer vendor ID number. This ID number will be printed on a sign and sent to you in the mail. Your sign must be hung at all markets/stands/farm stores while you are participating in the program.

Coupon Redemption

The state of Kansas is excited to introduce a gradual transition to an electronic coupon redemption model. This solution allows you to accept Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program coupons electronically through a mobile app, or coupons can be mailed to our processing center for traditional processing.


At least one training session must be attended, regardless of whether you are a new or returning Farmer Vendor.

  • New Farmer Vendor - This means you have never before participated as a farmer vendor in the KSFMNP. You must complete the online training. Multiple days and times available. 
  • Returning Farmer Vendor - This means you have participated as a KSFMNP farmer vendor in a previous year. 

Please note that the Direct to Consumer training conducted by the Kansas Department of Agriculture on February 10 also counts as an interactive farmer training. 

  1. Online Training
  2. In-person Trainings

Online training:

Don't wait, complete your training as soon as possible. 

Register in advance for an online webinar. 

Below you will find a list of dates and times for the 2023 online training sessions. Each session will be 1 hour long. The times listed below are in Central Standard Time (CST).

  • February 17 - 9 am
  • February 28 - 5 pm
  • March 15 - 12 pm
  • March 27 - 1 pm
  • April 13 - 8 am
  • April 24 - 6 pm
  • May 5 - 12 pm
  • May 18 - 4 pm
  • May 24 -  8 am
  • May 30 - 12 pm

Please note that these are only the times for the online training sessions.