UST Operator Training

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) must meet the provisions of the Federal Energy Policy Act to receive funding from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to operate the Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Program in Kansas. The Act requires employees who work at facilities where USTs are located be trained in one of three classification areas and get recertified every four years.

Training & Recertification

UST Operator Training is free if you own or operate USTs in Kansas. Visit the Tank Management Services website or call 785-233-1414 or 800-530-5683 for information.

Refresher training will be required every four years for UST Operators that have not changed positions in their places of work or have not received duties requiring additional responsibility. Mandatory retraining may be required if KDHE determines that a facility has operated USTs without permits, or the USTs at that facility are found to be out of compliance with State and Federal UST regulations.

More About Class Designations

  1. Class A
  2. Class B
  3. Class C

Class A UST Operators

KDHE considers Class A Operators to be those individuals who have the responsibility to obtain storage tank operation permits from KDHE. Class A UST Operators also work with Kansas-licensed UST contractors during the installation, repair, and upgrade of USTs. Class A Operators may be owners of UST systems or upper-level managers in companies or governmental bodies that own USTs.